Mobility For The Squat

From Screening to Correctives

Mobility For The Squat: Do You Have It?

Saturday May 11: 4pm-5:45pm

Demonstrating a proper and safe squat requires adequate mobility throughout the body, specifically the hips, knees, and ankles. Additionally, it also requires significant stability and motor control. Often times, coaches and athletes can identify faulty movement patterns, but are stuck when it comes to pin-pointing specific body segments to improve upon to correct such movement fault.

The seminar is designed to help fitness professionals, clinicians, and athletes, gain an understanding of screening tools to identify any mobility issue, and warm up exercises, needed to address found deficits. 

Upon completion of the seminar, attendees are expected to have a good understanding of points of performance of a squat, common faults when squatting, joint by joint screening for the squat, and warm up correctives.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a donation-based seminar with a minimum of $5 to secure your spot, to ensure accurate attendance. At the end of the seminar, we will have the option to donate more with cash, venmo, or paypal, however this is NOT required. Recommended donation is between $5 and $75, with an even split between instructor and Strength For All. The seminar was made donation-based per the instructor’s request.


Dr. Zeena Hernandez received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Utica College. Dr. Hernandez has 5 years of clinical experience and has presented her work in a national conference hosted by the American Physical Therapy Association. She is a proud immigrant and was recently awarded Physical Therapist of the Year 2018 by the Academy of Filipino-American Physical Therapists (AFAPT) for her contribution and commitment to service and excellence.
Dr. Zeena is passionate about health and fitness. She ran half marathons until 2014, when she discovered her love for barbell sports through CrossFit. In 2016, she competed and won in NYC’s CrossFit Subway Series scaled division with CrossFit Prospect Heights. Currently, she trains and competes as a 49kg lifter in Russian-style Olympic weightlifting with the Chasing Kilos gym in Brooklyn. Dr. Zeena has won first place in three local in USAW-sanctioned meets and has recently qualified for a national meet.
When not at the gym or clinic, she is usually at Prospect Park strolling with her wife and two-year-old corgi, Queen Elizabeth Regina III (aka Liz).