What is a sliding scale?

Strength For All sells memberships and classes at a sliding scale, which means the price point varies based on the circumstances of the athlete. This allows for those who typically would be denied access due to cost, to obtain services at a price that is accessible to them, and recognizes that fitness and strength training should be available to all people, regardless of financial circumstances.


How do I choose my tier?

At this time, Strength For All is not going to be requiring income verification, as this puts further strain on those that would be relying on sliding scale memberships and classes.

Therefore, we will be trusting our community members to select their tier honestly, and to consider several things when choosing their scale price.

  • All tiers are available in limited quantities.

When reflecting on the size of our gym and the community we are seeking to build, recognize that all memberships are offered in limited amounts. If you select a lower tier than you need, you could be taking the spot from someone else.

Further, our gym needs to sell a certain amount of full-priced and tier one memberships in order to pay rent, instructors, utilities, insurance, etc.

  • Sacrifice vs. Hardship, the difference between tiers 1, 2, and 3.

If you would like to purchase your membership or classes on a sliding scale, but you aren’t which tier to choose from, consider the notion of sacrifice vs. hardship. If joining would require a moderate sacrifice, such as new, unneeded clothing, going out to an expensive meal, or anything else this will not negatively impact your life longterm, we ask you select the full price option, or tier one.

If joining the gym or participating in class will be a hardship for you and yours, meaning, it will negatively impact your ability to pay your student loans, rent, buy food, etc, the lower tiers were created for you. If they are still priced too high, please be in touch with us, so that we may discuss a custom membership or offering.

  • Identify your financial privilege to the best of your ability.

If you still find yourself unsure of which tier you qualify for, we’ve borrowed this image from Alexis J. Cunningfolk as a visual reference. In time, we will create our own reference image, as we believe this one needs a few details and circumstances added in. Thanks for your understanding.



If you identify most with the first bottle, we ask you pay full price, or the highest available tier in the item’s sliding scale offerings. If you identify with the middle bottle, we ask you choose the second tier. If you find that you agree with most of the statements in the third bottle, please select the lowest price point on the sliding scale, or be in touch with us if that price point is still too high.


Full Price: $120 p/month SIGN UP
Tier One: $90 p/month SIGN UP
Tier Two: $60 p/month SIGN UP
Tier Three: $25 p/month Sold Out

DROP IN RATE: $15 (Pay when you arrive)
10-PACK: $120 SIGN UP