Strength For All has everything you need to train the general population client, new lifters, or the advanced athlete.

If you are approved, you will be given a key to the gym so that you can train your clients during and outside of our open gym hours!

Our gym boasts new, high quality powerlifting and weightlifting barbells and speciality bars (safety squat bar, trap bar, 15lb training bar), as well as dumbbells from 5lbs to 60lbs, two full sets of kettlebells, and a brand new functional cable machine. We also have ankle weights, an arm cycle, foam rollers, mobility bands, and soon, a vitaglide.

Equipment questions or requirements? Get in touch.

We will be selling these session packs in limited quantities to ensure the gym is never overcrowded.


  • Application Process:
    • Personal trainers must demonstrate that they care about the mission and values of Strength For All.
      • Personal trainers who wish to train clients at Strength for All must send in the below request and state that they are willing to uphold community standards. Each application will  be reviewed by gym manager.
      • Personal trainers will also be required to sign a use agreement before they start training at the gym.

  • Renting the Space
    • Once approved, trainers must pre-purchase blocks of sessions to use the space to train their clients.
    • The minimum block that can be purchased is 10, 1-hour sessions.
    • Packages for trainers, like members, will be offered on a sliding scale based on the average a personal trainer makes per session. The tiers are as follows:
      • $120 or less per 1 hour session: 10 sessions = $200 ($20 per session)
      • $121-135: 10 sessions for $250 ($25 per session)
      • $136 or more: 10 sessions for $300 ($30 per session)

Trainers and their clients agree to:

  • Respect the privacy and space of other members
  • Not participate in weight or body shaming
  • Use members’ correct pronouns
  • Treat all members with respect & dignity
  • Refrain from using any and all language deemed transphobic, racist, ableist, sexist, or any other type of language demeaning an individual
  • Not take pictures or video of any member without express permission from member
  • Not harass, physically or verbally, any member, this includes unwanted physical contact, remarks that are sexual in nature, and lewd comments about other members or persons

Agree to our policies and procedures? Ready to start training your clients at Strength For All?

Fill out the below form and indicate with package of sessions you would like to purchase. Once approved by the gym manager, you will be able to renew your session package without reapplying until further notice, so long as you and your clients abide by our policies.