Bench Clinic

With Chelsea Savit

Bench Clinic

Saturday May 18: 4pm-6:00pm

Overview: This Bench Clinic is an opportunity to work in an intimate setting with Chelsea Savit, powerlifting coach and former IPF world medalist in the bench press and former American open record holder in the USAPL in the 72 and 84kg weight classes.

Duration of clinic: 2 hours

Schedule: 30-45 minutes: Presentation on all things bench. Focus areas will be mentality, technique optimization, thoracic mobility tips, warmup tips, and individualized bench programming concepts. This presentation will include a Q&A.

Subsequent 1.25-1.5 hours: During this time block we will apply the foundations from the bench overview to enhance YOUR bench technique. Chelsea will provide hands-on coaching to help you find your best technique for your anthropomorphy. Chelsea will also look closely at your bench press and identify development areas and provide individual programming tips so you will be able to build your strongest press!

PLEASE NOTE: The true cost of this course to cover travel expenses of our presenter is $75 per person.

We will have two spots available at a lower price point of $25.

E-mail for details, or to make a donation so that a local lifter can attend the course.